Sports Academy No.1 is specialized in combat sports that've derived from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Our main focus is with BJJ but we also train regularly MMA and Submission Wrestling. Functional Training is also very popular. Junior BJJ is also part of our curricurlum and it has grown considerably in the last few years.

You are very welcome to come and train with us whether you want to train for competition or just for fun, whether you are a man or a woman. Fysical strength is not a requirement to train, you will develop very fast anyway. Brazilian jiu-jitsu will give you a a very strong and solid self-defense. Already after a short time of training you will notice that it is possible to defend yourself against a much bigger and stronger opponent. Our academy rules or etiquette is very simple, normal good manners is enough, like greeting elder people, helping each other, no bulluying etc. This have worked very well and most of us are good friends also outside the gym.

Sports Academy No.1 is apart of the Finnish "Polar Jiu Jitsu Team" and the head coach is Greger Forsell, who is also our most successful competitor and one of the founders of Polar JJ Team. Normally we teach our classes in finnish but on request it is possible in english and swedish also. In Porvoo we are located in Tarmola since 2011, but the Academy was founded back in 1999 in the name of "NHB Porvoo". We have been successful in competitions all over the world, and for the future we have the same plans.

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The practise area, tatami, is appr.140m². At the tatami we have 7m long "monkeybars" to which you can install 4 boxing-/kickingbags. One of our walls have 11m long tatamicover for simulating fighting in a cage or in selfdefence situations. Another wall have all the equipment for standup fighting, also a 40kg wrestling dummy is waiting to be thrown. For the Functional training we have kettle bells 8-20kg(4 of each), medicine balls 2-6kg, gymballs, jumping ropes, rubberbands and for mucletreatment we have foamrollers.